Team building
A valuable service, providing understanding of how to gather the ideal personalities together to make them interactive and productive at the highest level. This is done through the analysis of the handwriting, which enables the trained graphologist to locate the slot into which each person can fit most comfortably.

If you have ever wondered whether someone is right for you, you can see that the service is particularly useful when the question of partnerships, both personal and professional is important. The reality of the needs of each person is identified and the best way for communication explained. If people really understand those with whom they share their time, then they have the option to maximise the success of their interaction.

At either a large function or an intimate group, Graphology is very popular and each booking is tailored specifically to the needs of the occasion. Even though there is always respect for the sensitivities of those taking part, the final emphasis is on people enjoying their participation, having fun and gaining the insight to make the most of themselves and their social activities.